Ode A.S.

ODE has become a producer in 1996 and today is cosidered a major producer in the insulation sector, in it's region and beyond. In six modern production plants which have 120.000 m2 open and 35.000 m2 closed area at total, ODE  produces, Glasswool (ODE Starflex),  Ekstruded Polyethylene Foam (ODE Flex), elastomeric rubber foam (ODE R-Flex), extruded polystrene foam (ODE Isıpan), flexible air ducts (ODE Ductflex) and polymer bitumen waterproofing membranes (ODE  Membran). Certifying its product and production qualities by ISO 9001:2000; ODE is consistently keeping its high quality products and service and striving to always improve over time.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Main Products

Building and Technical Insulation Products

  • Glasswool insulation blankets, boards, pipes.
  • Rockwool insulation blankets, boards.
  • XPS insulation boards.
  • Elastomeric Rubber insulation sheets, pipes.
  • Polyethylene insulation sheets, pipes.
  • Aluminium flexible air ducts.
  • OSB wooden boards

Custom capabilities                                                                                                                                                                                      

Cewood Ltd.

CEWOOD has successfully adopted 50 year old Latvian traditions of manufacturing wood wool panels. CEWOOD SIA is a 100% Latvian company, currently employing over 60 employees. 

The company was established in 2015. CEWOOD is the only manufacturer of panels of wood wool in the Baltic States, and it is among the leading companies of the field in the world. The quality standards set forth by the company have allowed to successfully expand the sales market of CEWOOD to include many countries. 

The company is continuously working on optimisation of production processes, launching new products, educating markets. Together with field experts — architects, interior designers, builders and object developers — preconditions are established with the aim to take full advantage of unique applications of CEWOOD panels.

Main Products

Woodwool Panels 

  • Woodwool Acoustic Panels 
  • Woodwool Design Panels 
  • Woodwool Construction Panels

= Wide range of Woodwool thicknesses, Panel thickness, Construction compatibility 

= Wide range of colors (almost any RAL), Chamfer 

PolymaxItalia srl

Polymaxitalia was founded in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurs who were able to give particular importance to issues related to sound insulation in the construction industry thanks to the work of 93 to today and to synergies with our customers, we can place between Polymaxitalia the leading companies in the production of acoustic insulation materials.

We can also boast a preparation that allows us to live up to every problem and every expectation, even with regard to sound insulation in sectors other than construction.

Main Products

Soundproof/Acoustic insulation products

  • For residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Architectural products

MegaFoam A.S.

MEGAFOAM Crosslink Technologies has started to production at its own factory in Hadimkoy/ Istanbul at the last quarter of 2005. MEGAFOAM aims to be the sector leader with its new innovations, and embraces the maximum customer satisfaction as the main principle.
MEGAFOAM’s plant, with its wide and professional workforce and ability to produce 15 tons foam sheet per day, is established in total 10000 m² field with its 8000 m² closed area, and continues production to provide the high service quality to its customers.

MEGAFOAM has become the first and only company at Turkey, which produces the closed cell polyethylene sheets with the chemical crosslink technologies.