ALTECNO GROUP LTD. was established in 1996, as an agencies company, with the aim to represent leading manufacturers in the various Building & Construction fields, in-line with the rich experience of it's managers. The company has greatly developed over the years to include many leading manufacturers in a diversified segments.

ALTECNO today is an experienced and reliable partner, representing a wide range of reputable manufacturers and serving the main local players in it's fields of specialization.

ALTECNO today, offers it's customers a broad selection of high quality and competitive products, with uncompromised service.


The main lines of activities of ALTECNO are:

- Heat & Sound Insulation products.
- Waterproofing solutions.
- Roof and Wall products.
- Protective coatings.
- Industrial flooring.
- Industrial doors.
- Industrial textiles and Fibers.
- Wall Claddings.


ALTECNO represented manufacturers are carefully selected and hold the highest international certification and approvals, relevant to their fields of activities.

ALTECNO is providing it's customers with a high standard and uncompromised service of 24/7/365 and full support and back-up, from quotation to orders, clearing from customs and after-sale service. That is to say for standard or custom products.

ALTECNO also provides it's customers, with a service of sourcing new products, per customer specific-taylor needs, in various fields, based on it's long experience and excellent global cotacts.