Circa S.A. (Omega Zeta)

The Omega Zeta Corporation was created 50 years ago by its president, Carlos Fradera Pellicer, entrepreneur and inventor, and holder of 500 international patents (PCT’s).

The ΩZ Panel is a high-resistance micro-mortar panel, with pre-stressed bi-directional armour. It is a light-weight material that is 100% impermeable with high mechanical strength, and high resistance to fire (A-1).

The ΩZ Panel stands out because it is versatile, modular, resistant, customisable, totally recyclable and maintenance-free.

The panel’s design is based on the technology and the construction process developed by Circa Omega Zeta, and its application, both in dry works and intraditional construction, offers advantages in industrialised building works.

Main Products

Omega Zeta (ΩZ) Construction Panels

comes in different finishes:

  • Treated with silicate glaze, wich allows the Panel’s beauty to be appreciated with greater uniformity.
  • Coating with silicate treatment, from a base of inorganic pigments that undergo a chemical reaction with the mortar, giving it almost unlimited longevity.
  • Protection with antigrafiti treatment.

Customized textures capabilities


Polycon- Innovative Architectural GFRC panels for facades cladding and other uses.  

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is utilized especially in architecture and construction and as such offers great potential in these areas for the design and implementation of many diverse projects where great demands are made on the properties of the materials being used. 

Polycon Surface Finishes: Polycon material can be created using any of the hundreds of standard designs and surface textures (plaster, wood, brickwork, stone and rock structures, geometric patterns, oriental structures, fractal patterns, ribbed and corrugated pieces, antiskid textures, texts, numbers, logos, pictograms, autotypic matrices, engraved structures in natural and pigmented colors and any customized requirements.


Main Products

Polycon- Innovative Architectural GFRC panels

  • Facades and Wall Cladding Panels.
  • Staircases and Balconies Slabs
  • Acoustic Panels for Concert Halls, Theatres, Etc.
  • Outdoor and Street Furniture.

Hundreds of standard designs and surface textures (natural and pigmented)

ASD Laminat

ASD Laminate, which begins to produce laminate in 1999 and takes a step to the sector with the name of Alpay Forest Products in 1955, with understanding that continues to stable grow and its investments is gotten a principle to itself becoming a leader, strong and reliable brand around the World. 

Our firm, which has fitted with 61 years of sector experience to with 16 years of production history; Today, with 5 impregnation, 3 CHPL and 4 HPL lines, resin reactors and facilities with annual production capacity of 35.000.000 m2 laminate  is taken its place between the important players of its sector in Turkey and Europe.

Its fast growt line that continued since its establishment, ASD Laminate which carries to the summit in the last 10 year, Today, It has become a firm that mention from its name which exports more than 60 countries also with its technology and innovation as much as its product variety and quality in the international area.

Main products

Wooden Surfaces

  • HPL
  • CHPL

Very wide range of colors and designs

Interior & Exterior applications products

Mazzonetto S.p.A.

The inclination towards research and innovation has always been the distinctive feature of the company since the early Eighties, when Mazzonetto S.p.a. became the first company in Europe to produce electrowelded downpipes; in the early Nineties, as a result of this technique, began the production of ectrowelded elbows.

Specializing in the plumbing sector the company has identified new products with increasingly higher features, in order to meet the needs of both designer and installer: so were born Vestis and Mavis, complete product lines for cladding, roofing and rainwater drainage system, both guaranteed and with aesthetic appeal.

With its thirty years' experience and knowhow at the customer's service the company created in 2013 the first and only multi-metal training seminar in Italy, PROFESSIONE LATTONERIA, with the consequent consolidation of ATR, the roof and façade technical department that gives the best support to the designer and the installer from the concept to the laying phase.

Nowadays Mazzonetto is a growing group with branches in Germany and Poland, and can offer to the European market complete lines in all metals.

Main Products

Prepainted and natural Metal Rolls for Cladding and Roofing processing

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium Zinc
  • Lead-Aluzinc

Wide selection of attractive colors

Up to 40 years guarantee in External applications !! 

France Resille

France Résille creates and designs decorative façades, as well as taking care of manufacturing and implementation… Whether it is new façade or a renovation, our exceptional façades play with light and shadow and is also a very effective sunshade respecting new thermal regulations. 

The water jet cutting system

The use of this technology and the versatility of our staff allow us to offer a wide range of materials, either separately or combined (Dibond aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, marble, granite, wood, concrete, corian and glass etc).

Main Products

Main applications:

  • Facade Cladding
  • Sliding Sunshades
  • Balustrades
  • Gates and Partitions
  • Decorations
  • Signage

Top notch quality 

Most complicated applications

ItalPanneli s.r.l.

Tecnobay SpA patented and produced the exceptional Tecnoboard in fibrous plaster slabs, first in air Roccastrada and now in Ardea (RM). In fact, with the construction of new ski Tecnoboard for the production of fiber-reinforced gypsum and plaster blocks and laterogesso is now delegated to the Italpannelli Ltd, the company's historical group Tecnobay at the plant in via di Valle Caia in Ardea (RM ).

Italpannelli, strong quality production and with the experience of over four decades, continues to innovate the industrialized construction.

Main Products

Innovative plaster panels and blocks

  • TecnoBoard - Fibre reinforced gypsum Panel
  •   Size: 600x1200x25 MM. Tongue/groove joint
  •   Fire rated: 120 Minutes
  • Gypsum Hollowed blocks for internal walls
  •   Size: 270x740x80 MM. tongue/groove joint
  •   Fire rated:180 Minutes

Now available: New blocks, fire rated: 240 Minutes 

Polser A.S.

In 1986, management decided to start manufacturing corrugated sheets. The main ingredients of this product are polyester and fiberglass, which Polser had extensive exposure to throughout their cast polymer operations.

The company was planning to expand into a different field of production where they would be able to benefit from the spill over effect from their previous experiences.

In March 1997, Polser pulled its first corrugated sheet out of its production line. It did not take too long for Polser to become a dominant player in the corrugated sheet market presence.

This was mainly due to the successful implementation of the product development plan and the intensive marketing efforts relying also on the already existing distribution channels and the brand recognition. Today, Polser is the leading corrugated sheet producer in the domestic market with a strong global presence. 

Main Products

Fiberglass reinforced plastic roofing sys.

  • DURASER - FRP/GRP roofing and cladding sheets.
  • FIBRALAM - Translucent & opaque corrugated sheets
  • DECOLITE - High quality translucent sheets and panels
  • KAMUFLAM - Camouflage roofing & cladding panels
  • ISOLITE - Double skin rooflite panels
  • POLKA - GRP coloured, wood pattern doors

Tecno Imac S.p.A.

Tecno Imac s.p.a. was formed in 1999 following the takeover of Imac S.P.A. in Rome.
Since then, Tecno Imac s.p.a. has constantly been involved in a process of innovating and perfecting production which, by further developing the Polimglass® patent (a high performing co-extruded thermoplastic material), has enabled the achievement of exceptional results and thereby putting itself onto the international market as a leader in roofing and walls in plastic materials.
In fact, Tecno Imac s.p.a. produces and trades in roofing, walls and gutter systems of the highest quality for the worldwide market.
Tecno Imac s.p.a. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Main Products

POLIMGLASS composite thermal roofing sheets
  • Polimglass roofing sheet systems IMACOVER
  • Polimglass roofing tile sheet IMACOPPO
  • Polimglass gutters/pipes systems IMACRAIN

Stabilit Europa

STABILIT EUROPA was founded in 2000 as a español subsidiary of STABILIT S.A. de C.V., one of the most important companies in the world for the manufacture and marketing of fibreglass reinforced plastic sheets, with more than 50 years experience in this field.

STABILIT EUROPA produces a wide range of translucent sheets for providing natural lighting in all types of buildings, as well as opaque sheets for cladding in the bodywork and construction industries.

STABILIT EUROPA is a company whose strength is its philosophy of continual improvement. Its leading market position is based on the use of the latest technology in its plant and manufacturing process and in the high quality and wide variety of its products.

Main Products

Fiberglass reinforced plastic corrugated roofing sheets

  • Translucelt Fiberglass reinforced plastic corrugated sheets
  • For roof and wall applications
  • High light diffusion

Mot Panels

M.o.T. Panels, is one of the very rare companies that are dedicated to the production of mineral wool panels. In comparison with most of it’s competitors who are also producing PU panels, we are 100% focused on the production of mineral wool panels.

Based on our experience on the rockwool panels market, we achieve the highest goal of expanding our satisfied client basis. You will find at any time high level of service, quality, certificates, flexibility and still competitive prices and reasonable delivery times. Our experienced staff and adequate equipment can guarantee the proper “export packaging” and loading in containers ready to travel worldwide.

In M.o.T. Panels quality is always a mater of first priority. We are based on the know-how of the product and the market, and by choosing only the best material from firms with undoubtedly huge experience, can ensure a high standard product.

Main Products

Rockwool Panels

  • Roof Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • Acoustic Panels
  • All Accessories

High specializing manufacturer of Rockwool Panels

Alubel S.p.A.

Winning market strategies and directing team professionalism allow Alubel to become a reference company, proposing specific products, which can be widely used both for new buildings and for renewal projects.

Today Alubel has available a widespread range of products, which includes several roofing and covering systems, sound-proofing and insulation products, which can be used in industrial and civil buildings, as well as in public projects.

Productive plant, most of it of recent construction, is yearly enriched with new investments for realization of new products.Alubel-Fibrotubi group is nowadays working on a surface of 100.000 sqm, 40.000 of them are covered; production is distributed on 7 different areas, with more than 200 employees and a consolidated turnover during last period of more than 100 Euro millions.

Main Products

Advanced Metal Roof and Wall Corrugated Sheets (including insulated)

  • Metal Roof and Wall Sheets (very wide range of profiles).
  • Insulated Sandwich Panels.
  • Roof Renovation Systems (over old systems).
  • Photovolatic Roof Framework
  • accessories.

Very wide range of solutions for Industrial and Commercial buildings