Profilpas spa

Profilpas has been producing technical profiles and finishes for ceramic tile, marble, wood, laminate, LVT and carpeted floor and wall coverings since 1976. The rich catalogue also presents profiles and listello tile trims for walls and floors, skirting boards, bathroom systems and shower drainage channels, light profiles and profiles for balconies, terraces and steps. The range of materials available is equally wide. Depending on the model, you can choose from aluminium, stainless steel, brass and PVC. Thanks to these characteristics and their elegant versatility, Profilpas solutions are used in residential buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, health and beauty spas, and ships.

Main Products

Profiles for wall and floor coverings, skirting boards, bathroom systems and more

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC

Excellence in quality, design, innovation and service

Very wide range

Burak Aluminium

Firm: Burak Aluminium
Employees: 500
Activities:Aluminium extruded profile production, finished products made of machined aluminium profile, finished joinery and facade systems made of aluminium profile.
sales: 5 continents, 46 countries
Established: 1984

Main Products

Various Aluminium Products serving variety of segments

  • Industrial Aluminium Profiles
  • Architectural Aluminium Profiles
  • Architectural Systems
  • Aluminium Composite Panels
  • Aluminium Hardware

Very wide high quality range of products

High surface coatings capabilities

Full custom capabilities

SFS Deckpaks A.S.

SFS Dekpaks is recognized as the leading domestic manufacturer, for the building and construction sectors in Turkey and neighbouring countries.

SFS Dekpaks is an ISO 9001 certified, with high technological capabilities and extensive application expertize.  

Main Products

Wide range of Building & Constructions applications screws

  • Roofing and Cladding screws
  • Masonary screws
  • Concrete screws
  • Metal sheets screws
  • Gypsum boards screws
  • Self drilling screws
  • Self tapping screws

Full custom capabilities

Fast deliveries

Afast Holding B.V.

AFAST - Specialist in fastener systems for roofing

Guardian® fastener systems are specificially designed for mechanically attached insulation and waterproofing membranes on external roofs. Guardian® fastener systems are developed, produced and distributed by Afast Holding, and are designed for an efficient and safe securement of roof systems.

Quality, service and flexibility

Guardian® strives to be synonymous with quality, service and flexibility. The Guardian® product range is continuously quality monitored. Extensive testing programmes have led to European technical assesment (ETA), Scandinavian technical approval and FM approval.

Main Products

Guardian® fastener systems

Personalised advice and service

Just-in-time production

Atos Kilit Ltd.

ATOS KILIT combines more than 20 years of experience with quality and aesthetics and a leading position in its secto.

With the basic principle as Rational Design Common Responsibility (atos), we constantly increase the quantity and quality of products and we offer the best service to our clients.

At every stage, with carefully selecting of raw materials for production, improving packaging for shipment, the basic element is customer satisfaction. Combination of customer demands with our experience has increased the range of products of our firm. The continuous increase in our export is also due to compliance with RoSH and ASTM 8117.


Main products

Wide range of Hardware:

  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Accessories

Specializing for all metal cabinets (electrical, fire, service, Etc)

Fast deliveries

Custom capabilities