The M/s Foamtech Antifire Company Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Fire Protection manufacturer, recognized from ISO 9001 :2015, 14001 :2015 & ISO 45001 :2018. AII our products are confirming to National & lnternational Standards like BIS (ISI), ICAO, 1S0, MMD, IRS, DGMS, EN, UL and DGQA etc. With over decades of expertise, Foamtech provides total custom designed solutions in fire protection by manufacturing all kinds of firefighting foam, chemicals, concentrates and powder for lndustrial requirements. Our services cover the entire gamut of Offshore, Marine and Commercial Business Sectors with extensive export to over 65 countries worldwide.

main products

Wide range of products that includes:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Dry Powders
  • Foam Concentrates
  • Agents and Dispersants
  • Foam Equipment
  • Systems

Full Int. standards including UL

Custom designed solutions

Tenmat Ltd.

TENMAT is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience. The diversified product range includes high temperature resistant materials and passive fire protection solutions.

The TENMAT group is a multinational corporation with presence in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy as well as a global network of vendors and distributors. TENMAT is fully committed to technical excellence through heavy investment in ongoing research and development. TENMAT has extensive in-house technical resources to develop innovative and high quality products.

Our unrivalled innovation and technical expertise has consistently led to the development of various industry standard products. TENMAT’s main focus is on extending the performance characteristics of existing product ranges and taking the company forward into totally new and exciting growth areas such as advanced passive fire protection materials

Main Products

Advanced Fire Protection Solutions

  • Cavity fire barrier
  • Electrical penetrations
  • Mechanical Penetrations
  • Intumescent Materials
  • High Temperature resistant materials

Wide range of advanced solutuions

Remitite Co., Ltd.

Remitite Incorporate since its establishment in 1975 has continuously researched and developed the fine chemical products and solutions. We have focused on improving our products and special materials 

Specifically, we provide world class fire-retardant solutions with J-90, H-120 and A-60 certificates by the leading classification societies such as ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KR, LR, MED, NK and RS.

Remitite, the front runner in the fine chemical industry, will continue to face every challenge with a creative spirit as the world top class manufacturer of high technology fine chemicals.

Main Products

Fire-retardant products and solutions

  • Flexible Fire Seal
  • Flexible Fire Seal
  • Cable & Pipe Penetration Sealing System
  • Fire-retardant Silicon Sealant
  • Special Adhesives 

Products and special materials used for onshore and offshore facilities

World class organizations approvals